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Food Safety and Defense, Graduate Certificate

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Stand Alone:  Yes  
Degree Dependent:   

Total Credit Hours:  12

Certificate description: In an era of terrorism and global food systems, effective control of foodborne hazards requires advanced education. There is an urgent need for food industry personnel who, while working fulltime, would like to pursue more in-depth specialized training in food safety and security that is pertinent to their job. This certificate will help serve the needs of industry and agencies that must protect the human food supply from accidental or deliberate contamination with pathogenic microbes and/or toxicants.

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For information about certificate, contact:
Dr. Azlin Mustapha
Director of Graduate and Certificate Studies and Professor
Food Science Program at the University of Missouri

Address:  246 William Stringer Wing, Eckles Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211 

Note: This is an inter-institutional certificate offered in cooperation with Kansas State University Food Science Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Science and Iowa State University Food Science programs.