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CIRTL National Network

Multi-colored CIRTL Logo

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded network of research universities committed to preparing outstanding future faculty in STEM disciplines, with the ultimate goal of improving undergraduate STEM education in our country. Courses and events are FREE, and CIRTL certification is offered. Established in fall 2006, the CIRTL Network includes over 40 research-intensive universities across the nation, including Mizzou.

The goal of CIRTL is to improve the STEM learning of all students at every college and university, and thereby to increase the diversity in STEM fields and the STEM literacy of the nation.

Toward this goal, CIRTL uses graduate education as the leverage point to develop current and future STEM faculty by advancing evidence-based teaching practices for diverse student audiences.  

Benefits of belonging to CIRTL: 

Learn more about the national CIRTL network.