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CIRTL Certification

Graduate student and postdoctoral fellows can earn teaching credentialing, in the form of CIRTL certification, which can be shared with prospective employers to demonstrate teaching competence.  The three certification levels ate Associate, Practitioner and Scholar. The criteria for each level:

Associate Level

To reach the Associate Level, the participant must:

  • complete one of the three college teaching courses (ELPA 9448, AgEdLd 8350 or LTC/BioSci 8724)

OR (the three following):

  • Complete a total of 6 hours of teaching workshops, seminars (Needs to be verifiable 1).  Such workshops could include (but not limited to 2):
  • In addition to the 6 hours, participate in a workshop on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Such workshops could include (but not limited to 2):
  • submit a Philosophy of Learning and Teaching

Practitioner Level

To reach the Practitioner Level, the participant must:

  • complete the Associate Level requirements and engage in a teaching internship as defined by the Minor in College Teaching (you do not have to take the internship credit, just complete the experience)
  • participate in a workshop on diversity
  • development and implement at SoTL or scholarly teaching project (or large-scale around a large concept or course outcome).  If you took a college teaching course, one of your projects might qualify.  Some examples include (but not limited to 2):
    • Conducting a peer review of teaching of someone else
    • Analyze items on a test or exam
    • Conducting a simple focus group on a course your teaching
    • Engage in a course redesign using a new approach or framework

Scholar Level

To reach the Scholar Level, the participant must:

  • complete the Practitioner Level requirements
  • submit and present a SoTL project for presentation beyond the campus or have that project accepted for publication

1 Verifiable meaning your attendance and participation can be verified by a faculty member or workshop presenter or workshop organizer
2 If uncertain if what you're planning would qualify, please contact the CIRTL Director at Mizzou