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Daphne Valerius

Graduate Student Spotlight – Daphne Valerius & “TigerView”  How do we bring excellence and diversity to graduate education at Mizzou? The Center for Inclusive Excellence in the Office of Graduate Studies has developed a number of diversity initiatives including TigerView, a graduate studies preview program. The TigerView campus visitation program brings prospective graduate students with

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Susheel Busi

Graduate Student Spotlight: Susheel Busi & Mizzou 3MT For Susheel Busi, a doctoral candidate in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, making the decision to pursue his graduate education at MU was one of the easiest choices to advance his research interests in understanding the role of the complex gut microbiome and biofilms in a rat model

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Arianna Soldati

Graduate Student Spotlight: Arianna Soldati & “Science on Wheels” Arianna Soldati, a Ph.D. student in Volcanology and founder of Science on Wheels is dedicated to bringing science to rural communities one stop at a time. After launching Science on Wheels last semester, the program which aims to bridge the gap between everyday people and scientists is

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