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New to Graduate Studies at Mizzou?

On Campus Students:

The Office of Graduate Studies provides an orientation session to help new students learn about and prepare for their upcoming time at the University of Missouri. All new students are invited to attend. On-campus orientation sessions are held the Monday before Fall Semester classes begin. Learn about New Student Orientation

A special orientation session is offered to answer questions of international students new to Missouri. Learn about orientation sessions for new international students.

On Campus Teaching Orientation Sessions:

Students who have been hired as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) should attent the Graduate Assistant Teaching Orientation (GATO). Learn about GATO.

International students who will be working as teaching assistants or instructors must attend additional orientation session called the Orientation for International Teaching Assistants (ONITA). Learn about ONITA 

Online Students:

Presentations from Orientation will be posted on the Orientation Program page.

Getting Acquainted with Mizzou 

Before you come to Columbia, you can learn more about Mizzou and Columbia.

The International Center assists students who are new to the US and the University.

Our staff directory is here

Thanks for choosing Mizzou Graduate Studies!