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ApplicationĀ Fee

A nonrefundable application processing fee — $65 (U.S. dollars) for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, $90 (U.S. dollars) for nonresident internationals — is required for all new applicants. (The fee for international students is based on the higher cost of processing these applications.) You must have a valid MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express or Diner's Club credit card to submit the online application for admission. The application fee is nonrefundable; it is not applicable to the educational fee, student activities fee, computing fee or student health fee. A separate application fee is required for each application.

Application fee waivers

Academic programs may pay application fees for their applicants in certain select instances. Please contact your potential degree program to see if it has such a policy.

Fee Waivers for McNair Scholars, Project 1000 Students and Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) Program Participants

Under current agreements, the Graduate School will waive the application fee for applicants who are participants or have completed the McNair Scholars program, the Project 1000 program or an Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) program. To receive an application fee waiver, please start the online Graduate Application for Admission. At the same time, forward a letter of participation or completion from the McNair, Project 1000 or AMP program coordinator to:

Graduate Admissions
University of Missouri
210 Jesse Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

Application fee waivers are also available for applicants who have participated in other specialized prepatory or service programs. Please inquire at

Do not submit you application until receive confirmation from the Graduate School. Once the Graduate Admission office has received your official participation or completion letter, an application fee waiver will be applied to your online application account, at which time you may formally submit the application.

Please contact the Graduate Admission office with any questions at 573-882-6311 or 800-877-6312 or

Admission Questions?

Click here to locate your Admission Adviser by the first letter of your last name.