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Helpful Criteria for Selecting a School

As you consider graduate degree programs, use checklist to record what you learn. Beyond website information, be sure to call programs of interest to talk with faculty, students and alumni. Trust your mentor’s advice, too.

The broad areas to consider

  • Institutional Factors
  • Department and Degree Program Factors
  • Degrees and minors, course of study, class availability and online courses
  • Faculty Research, Teaching and Mentoring 
  • Campus Ancillary Services
  • Community Factors

Post Analysis

After completing your initial analysis of schools, you should ask yourself the following:

  • Did I view all factors with a critical eye?
  • Are my impressions objective?
  • Was comparable information available from all institutions?
  • Which institutions and programs seem the best “fit” with my interests and needs? Why?
  • Should I rule out any institution, or do I need additional information?
  • Am I interested enough in any of these programs to make a site visit?

For Online Learners

If you are new to online learning, there's a nonprofit site that can help you make informed decisions about pursuing an online master's degree.

Learn more at OnlineMastersPrograms.Org