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Scholarly Integrity & Ethics

The University of Missouri Graduate School aims to instill in students an understanding of and an appreciation for academic ethics, professional standards of conduct and personal integrity. Students complete graduate education at Mizzou prepared to enter the workforce and uphold these values in higher education and beyond. 

Academic integrity at MU rests upon the university's Statement of Values:

The University of Missouri, as the state's major land-grant university, honors the public trust placed in it and accepts the associated accountability to the people of Missouri for its stewardship of that trust. Our duty is to acquire, create, transmit, and preserve knowledge, and to promote understanding. We the students, faculty, and staff of MU hold the following values to be the foundation of our identity as a community. We pledge ourselves to act, in the totality of our life together, in accord with these values.

Mizzou provides policies, training programs and other resources designed to guide graduate students in research, intellectual property, academic honesty and professional conduct.