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Graduate Student Academic Progress

Academic progress relates to the sequence of knowledge and skills that you will be gaining in the course of your graduate career. Progress can be marked by the milestones included in academic process but also involves many evaluations of your knowledge and skills in both formal and informal ways. It is critical that at all times you are making academic progress.

The Graduate School requires all master's, education specialist and doctoral students to submit an annual report of academic progress.

If at any point in your graduate program you feel you are not making progress or have questions about how your program or the Graduate School understand your progress, please contact your program's director of graduate studies or one of our Graduate School advisers. Please also take advantage of various services and resources that the Graduate School staff and deans make available to serve students.

”Academic Process” and ”academic progress” are closely related aspects of a graduate education at the University of Missouri. It is important to know what these concepts mean and how they interact as you make your way through your graduate program.

Academic process might be seen as a series of milestones that mark your graduate career. More »