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Religious Studies

Religious Studies seeks to understand the role of religion in human life and culture. The department's field of study includes religious expression from all cultures and in every period of history. The master's program in religious studies is designed to achieve two goals that reflect the distinct educational aims of two different kinds of students. The first goal is preparation of students for PhD programs. Increasingly, doctoral programs in religious studies expect applicants to have a master's or similar advanced degree. The degree is designed to prepare students for entry into such programs. It therefore emphasizes appropriate language study, the recognized, scholarly approaches to the study of religion, history of the discipline, research methods, and knowledge of the range of religious experience and expression. The second goal is to provide graduate study of religions for those who desire it in order to enrich their educational lives, to prepare for seminary study, or to strengthen work in other allied disciplines, such as journalism, education, history, literature, anthropology or art history.

Degrees Offered

Contact Information

Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Rabia Gregory
221 Arts & Science Bldg
Columbia, MO 65211
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