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Nuclear Engineering

Note: The Nuclear Engineering program is not accepting appications at this time.

The Nuclear Engineering Program at University of Missouri was established in 1964 and conferred its first Master of Science degree in that same year. Educational programs are closely connected with the research focii of participating faculty members. The master's program is designed for those entering students with a B.S. degree in engineering or in chemistry or physics. Students from other fields will be considered on an individual basis. Those students who have attained a B.S. degree in nuclear engineering may be given revised curricula depending on their backgrounds and the requirements of the specific program in which they are enrolled. The Ph.D. program is typically tailored to fit the academic needs and research goals of our students. The graduate certificates provide students and working professionals with the opportunity to develop unique skills and expertise for jobs in the areas of nuclear material protection, control and accountability.

Illustrative Areas of Study

Course topics include nuclear materials management, aerosol mechanics, reactor safety analysis, nuclear energy conversion, reactor physics, reactor design, nondestructive testing and measurement, radiative heat transfer, neutron spectrometry, neutron and gamma ray transport, neutron activation analysis, nuclear waste management, nuclear plasma research, health physics, magnetic resonance imaging, radiation therapy and alternative and renewable energy concepts.

Degrees Offered

  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
    • Emphasis: Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
    • Emphasis: Health Physics
    • Emphasis: Materials
    • Emphasis: Medical Physics (admission suspended until further notice)
    • Emphasis: Thermal Hydraulics
  • Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering
    • Emphasis: Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
    • Emphasis: Materials
    • Emphasis: Thermal Hydraulics

Certificates Offered

Contact for prospective students (those intending to apply):

Dr. Naz Islam, Director of Graduate Studies
319 Engineering Building West
Columbia, MO 65211

Contact Information

Dr. John M. Gahl, Director
207 Engineering Building West
Columbia, MO 65211
Nuclear Engineering Program Site