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About the Geography program

The Department of Geography offers a Master of Arts degree that prepares students for a variety of professions, including careers in academics, research, public service, and the private sector. The MA program has a high success rate of preparing students for doctoral study in top-tier geography departments across the United States.

A primary strength of the department is the blending of major research facilities and opportunities with individual student-faculty interaction to build a strong sense of community. Students interested in questions of human geography, the physical environment, or geographic information sciences will find that the department has facilities and faculty expertise to build a successful plan of study.

Core areas of study in the department include human geography, nature/society relationships, physical-environmental systems, and application of geographic information sciences. The faculty has an active program of research and field work in North America, the Middle East and Middle America. They pride themselves on a creative instructional and interdisciplinary pattern of activity. The department emphasizes close contact between faculty and graduate students.

Individualized graduate programs allow latitude in areas of specialization such as regional, cultural, and physical geography, as well as geographic information sciences, remote sensing, environmental studies and geographic education. Strong collateral course work in such fields as anthropology, soil and atmospheric science, economics, geology, political science, forestry, computer science and history meets the special interests of many graduate students.

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Department of Geography
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