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Doctoral program committee


The doctoral program committee must be recommended by the student's adviser and approved by the academic program's director of graduate studies and the Graduate School before one year has elapsed following the student's first registration as a doctoral student.

The qualifying examination results and Doctoral Committee Approval (D1) form are due to the Graduate School office by the end of the student's second semester.

Duties of members

All members of the doctoral program committee are involved intimately and participate actively in the activities of the doctoral student at all the stages of the student's career at MU, except the qualifying examination or process.

The committee also may participate in the assessment of a student's background and potential for success in the academic program's doctoral program.

Committee members may call a meeting of the full committee at any time to discuss the student's progress.

Membership requirements

The doctoral program committee is composed of a minimum of four members of MU Graduate Faculty.  The committee must include at least three members from the student's home academic program and one outside member from a different academic program at MU. At least two of the doctoral committee members, including the student's adviser, must be MU doctoral faculty. For lists of faculty with graduate and doctoral status, refer to the appropriate department/program in the MU Catalog

Additional committee members with specialized expertise who do not meet the criteria for MU graduate faculty or doctoral faculty may serve on a doctoral committee as a fifth or sixth member with special permission of the vice provost/dean of the Graduate School.

This policy applies to students who began their doctoral programs during or after the fall 2005 semester. Students who began their doctoral programs before the fall 2005 semester should consult the appropriate catalog or the Graduate School.

Changes to the committee

Changes to the committee must be submitted on the Change of Committee form.