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Graduate Student Academic Process

Academic process might be seen as a series of milestones that mark your graduate career. Such things include taking courses, filling out appropriate forms, choosing advisers, taking examinations, writing a thesis or dissertation, defending your work and depositing final forms with your program and the Graduate School. The final event in your academic process might be participating in graduate commencement.

The academic process for graduate students at the University of Missouri can include milestones set by your graduate program in addition to the items required by the Graduate School. Programs may add to the set of process milestones, but they may not waive Graduate School process requirements. Graduate School process milestones are specified according to degree.

Please note that academic processes may vary by department. Consult with your department to learn the academic processes for your specific program.

”Academic Process” and ”academic progress” are closely related aspects of a graduate education at the University of Missouri. It is important to know what these concepts mean and how they interact as you make your way through your graduate program.

Academic progress relates to the sequence of knowledge and skills that you will be gaining in the course of your graduate career. Progress involves many evaluations of your knowledge and skills in both formal and informal ways.