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Dual Degree Requirements

Approved dual master’s degrees

Dual-degree programs enable students to earn two degrees concurrently. All dual-degree programs require Graduate Faculty Senate approval. Please refer to the Graduate School catalog to determine whether a dual degree is available in your area of interest.

Application process

Students should be admitted to both degree programs at the same time using separate applications. Students may postpone enrollment in an approved dual-degree program to no later than the end of their second semester at MU. 

Counting credits

In each degree field, a minimum of 18 hours of graduate courses is required, with a minimum of three hours of 8000-level courses. Students must also take a minimum of 12 hours of shared 8000-level graduate credit.

  • The 18 hours of graduate course work is to be taken for each degree program respectively.
    • For example, for a dual master's degree program in applied mathematics and electrical engineering, a student’s plan of study must show 18 hours of applied mathematics graduate course work that applies only to the applied mathematics degree and 18 hours of electrical engineering graduate course work that applies only to the electrical engineering degree.
  • 12 hours of shared 8000-level graduate credit, which can include thesis/project research credit, as applicable.
  • 18 + 18 + 12 = 48 hours of graduate credit, which is the minimum total hours for a dual master's degree program.

Credit transfer

Up to eight hours of transfer credit may be applied to one of the two degree programs, or divided between the two degree programs. The eight hours of transfer credit cannot be applied to each degree program separately.

Advising and committees

The student must have a separate adviser and committee for each degree program.

The option of a combined committee structure may be included in proposals for senate consideration, e.g., co-advisers who would also serve as outside members, plus one additional member from each degree program, for a total of four committee members.

Dual degree progress forms

Special dual master's degree program forms will be used to certify plans of study, committee members and final defense/examinations.

Conferral of degrees

There will be two separate diplomas awarded upon completion of all degree program requirements.

Dual degrees for law students

Several JD/graduate degree programs are available, enabling students to earn a juris doctor and a master's degree concurrently. Dual-degree students must fulfill entrance requirements for both schools, including the graduate school's entrance exam (if required) and the LSAT.

Credit toward a second master's degree

For students pursuing a second master's degree or two separate masters degrees that are not part of a recognized dual-master's program, 8 hours can be shared between the two degrees.