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Doctoral Graduation Requirements

Credit requirements

MU requires a minimum of 72 credit hours, including 15 hours of 8000-9000 level coursework exclusive of readings, research, problems and independent study experiences, beyond the bachelor's degree for the PhD and EdD degrees.  A student's doctoral program committee must approve all course work used to satisfy the credit-hour requirement and may require additional course work beyond these minimums.

Credit transfer

The doctoral committee may recommend that up to 30 hours of post-baccalaureate graduate credit from a regionally accredited university be transferred toward the total hours required for the doctoral degree. It is the responsibility of the doctoral committee to determine whether it is appropriate to transfer credit, however the Graduate School must make the final review of the transfer request to determine if the credit meets the minimum guidelines. If so, the Graduate School will process the request so that the transferred courses appear on the student's transcript.

All requests for exceptions to this policy must be approved by the dean of the Graduate School.

This policy applies to students who enrolled during the fall 2006 semester or later.

Time limits on transfer credits

All courses to be applied to the plan of study must be completed within eight years of filing the plan.

Use of professional credit 

With program approval, up to 6 hours of coursework for which professional credit was received may be counted toward the 72 credit-hour requirement.