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Heat transfer innovation garners Best Paper Award

Chen Zhou
By Jennifer Hollis
A paper submitted to an American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s international conference in December 2013 by MU Mechanical Engineering Professor Chung-Lung Chen and master’s student Zhou Zhou, received the conference’s Best Paper Award.
Selected from a field of 162 entries, “Flooded Two-Phase Flow Dynamics and Heat Transfer with Engineered Wettability on Microstructured Surfaces” took top honors at the 4th Micro/Nanoscale Heat & Mass Transfer International Conference in Hong Kong.
The award was especially meaningful to Chen, who came to MU from the private sector in 2011, because Zhou is his first graduate student.
“High power density electronics can create a lot of heat and if there is too much, they will not survive,” said Chen, explaining that one of the ways such devices are cooled is with liquids.