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International Student/Professional Success: Being Polite: Tone and Implied Messages

April 9

English is one of the rare languages in which a “request” can be taken as a “command,” or vice versa. It is also a language where you can say something very nice and it can be interpreted as sarcasm. This is because much of our meaning is derived from intonation and context. In this workshop we’ll talk about how to make requests with the right level of politeness and ensure you’re sending the intended message.

Each academic year, ITAP offers free workshops to help international graduate students develop the skills they need to be more successful. Workshops are free, but students need to register to make sure they have a seat. To receive more information about these workshops, to find out about additional undergraduate-led workshops about oral language and cultural issues or to register, join the Blackboard ITAP Cares Student Organization.

Directions for Enrolling in ITAP Cares Organization: 1. Login to blackboard. 2. Scroll down to “Organization Catalog” and click on “Browse Organization Catalog.” 3. Search for “itap cares.” 4. Next to the organization id: “org itapcares” you will see a menu sub-arrow. 5. Click on the arrow and click “enroll” and then “submit.”