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Interdisciplinary Programs

The Graduate School at the University of Missouri houses interdisciplinary academic programs — both those that offer master's and/or doctoral degrees and those that award graduate certificates. Tenure-track faculty are full members of these programs even while they retain tenure homes in other units; non-tenure track faculty may have a primary appointment in the interdisciplinary program or elsewhere on campus.

The faculty in the Graduate School's interdisciplinary programs constitute formal faculty bodies with rights and responsibilities defined by the program's by-laws and in accord with the roles defined for faculty in any curricular program. That is, the formal faculty of MU's interdisciplinary programs exercise primary authority over those programs' admissions standards, curricular structure and academic requirements, as well as participating in teaching courses, advising students and undertaking other academic responsibilities related to the interdisciplinary program.

Each interdisciplinary program faculty shall be responsible for drafting and maintaining bylaws related to its organization. In addition to the program's director, who reports to the Dean of the Graduate School in her or his capacity as program director, there may be other program administrative officers, selected by the director in consultation with the faculty and approved by the dean of the Graduate School.

Current Graduate School Interdisciplinary Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Certificates