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Faculty Features

MU faculty members are committed educators, researchers and scholars at the top of their respective fields. Their spirit, enthusiasm and love for knowledge creates a strong foundation for mentor-mentee relationships that last a lifetime. Mentors help students acclimate to MU and each student's chosen discipline.

MU’s nationally prominent faculty scholars and scientists bring discoveries into the classroom, publish more than 1,500 books and scholarly articles each year, and attract multi-million-dollar research grants that bring new money and jobs to the state. They also lead international organizations, are inducted as research fellows in professional organizations, serve as editors of important journals and win major honors.

Eight MU professors are members of the prestigious National Academy of Science. MU hired NAS member Napoleon Chagnon in 2013. MU nursing professor Marilyn Rantz was elected to the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the NAS, in 2012. In 2011 MU's James Birchler was elected to the NAS and Michael LeFevre to the IOM, joining the world’s most distinguished scientists, physicians and researchers. Other NAS-member MU faculty include Jack Colwill in family and community medicine, Linda Randall and R. Michael Roberts in biochemistry, and M. Frederick Hawthorne in chemistry and radiology.

Many MU faculty, staff and students work around the globe to improve our quality of life. In 2011, President Barack Obama appointed MU Chancellor Brady Deaton as chair of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, which advises the U.S. on how best to use university research to feed the hungry.

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