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How LinkedIn™ Relates to Networking & Job Search

Did you know that between 94-97% of human resource managers report they scrutinize social media profiles BEFORE they consider you for an interview? source.

What this should tell you is that you must have a professional social media image. 

LinkedIn™ is most often cited as the e-network recruiters use to find prospective employees. They search on relevant keywords and by current industry and job titles. However the also following connections in disciplinary areas and browse for alumni of specific universities.

But here's the key: LinkedIn™ uses proprietary algorithms for to rank search results by relevancy. They don't disclose much, but here's what we do know:

  • Complete profiles rank the highest in search results. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete.
  • Strategically add key words that highlight your high-demand professional skills to your headline, summary, experience and job titles. 
  • Numbers count. Keep adding professional connections; 1st degree connections with complete profiles will boost your ranking.
  • Strategically join professional groups – they add relevant keywords to boost your ranking.      

Learn How: Take these steps to improve your LinkedIn Profile (PPT slides.) The LinkedIn slide narrative is available in an accessible format here

Building your LinkedIn™ Network      

  • Hyperlink your LinkedIn™ profile to email signature
  • Join relevant groups within & across disciplines
  • Send LinkedIn™  invites after conferences
  • Connect to others whose work you follow – e.g., cited in your lit review or previous studies
  • Use search function to find others in your discipline
  • Post pertinent, thoughtful ideas to KEY professional groups & invite others to comment

Good luck!