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CV Example

You should submit a CV for all professional positions in higher education (e.g., faculty, research assistants, postdoc, student assistants & staff) as well as for fellowships, assistantships, grant applications and award nominations.

"Typical" Student CV Sections

Header (2-3 lines, very top of page)
- Name
- Address/phone/email
Academic Preparation (or Education)
Teaching & Research sections* (or Employment)
Professional Societies
Conference Proceedings
Poster Presentations
Funded Proposals
Honors & Awards

*A teaching CV is a bit different than a research CV. Your goal, then, is to create a CV that meets the expectations of a search committee in your discipline. That is why is it critical to seek feedback on your CV from your primary faculty mentor.

Also know that CV formats will vary by discipline, so you should ask your mentor about the nuances of your profession. For example, CV sections might be in a different order, or additional sections must be added to reflect the work of your field. Some faculty members are enhancing the traditional CV format by adding a few elements typically found on a resume, such as a profile/summary or a skills section. 

See CV examples at the MU Career Center. 

CV DOCS (Fall Event) 

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