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Blackboard Resources

Blackboard (Bb) is Mizzou's course management system used by faculty, staff and student groups to share course information and resources. The Graduate School manages several Bb organizations to meet students' needs. 

Choose the Bb Resources You Need

Grad Careers: Designed for students exploring job opportunities in business, industry, government, nonprofit and/or higher education. Provides examples for competitive résumés, CV's and cover letters.  Strategies for job search, interviewing and marketing your transferable skills (e.g., leadership, writing, public speaking, management) across job sectors. Open enrollment.
Look for ID org_grad_careers

Grad Scholar: Provides writing resources for abstracts, outlines, literature reviews, theses/dissertations, journal articles, scholarly presentations/posters and teaching the public about research findings. Open Enrollment.
Look for ID org_grad_scholar  

Grad Electronic Thesis and Dissertation: Contains links to policies, procedures, and requirements for masters and doctoral students that will be submitting a thesis or dissertation.  Degree candidates are able to upload a thesis or dissertation to this site.  Open enrollment.

Look for: ID org_grad_thesis_dissertation       

 Grad Proposal Writer: Resources for developing grants or fellowship and scholarship proposals. Includes guides for getting organized and constructing effective proposals; step-by-step instructions; links for locating funders; proposal examples; basic budgeting and evaluation guides. Open Enrollment.

Look for ID org_grad_proposal_writer

Accessing resources in Blackboard

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Mizzou pawprint and password.
  3. On the top right of page, click the My Organizations tab.
  4. In the middle of the screen, click Browse Organization Catalog
  5. On the line that reads Search Catalog, in the pull down menu, select "ID" and "contains."
  6. In the search box, type in the word "grad." Click Go.
  7. Scroll to the desired organization ID (listed in bold above).
  8. Hover your pointer/cursor over the underlined organizational ID.
  9. When you see the down arrow, click it, and select Enroll.
  10. The next time you login to Blackboard, the site will be listed under the My Organizations tab.

Other Graduate School Blackboard Sites

 The Graduate School also hosts several other Blackboard sites for select faculty, staff and student groups. Access to these sites is limited to those associated with the group or academic program. These include:

Questions? Send a note to