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ITAP Assessment Program

Language requirements

As stated in Missouri statute 170.012 and university policy, every non-native speaker of English must have sufficient oral-English proficiency before taking on a teaching position. It is recommended that departments schedule assessments for candidates as soon as possible so appointment decisions can be made in a timely fashion.


ITAP provides on-campus, computer-assisted assessment called the MACCS (Mizzou's Assessment of Classroom Communication Skills.)  This test is designed to ensure non-native English speakers have the oral communication skills necessary for their teaching experiences at the University.  Students will be given links to preparation materials and a practice test when they are enrolled for testing. 

The MACCS is given each month except June and additional dates are provided at the end of each semester. 


Students who successfully complete a course through the ITAP program will be assessed automatically.  Please note that students cannot enroll themselves.  Academic department contacts may enroll international graduate students in ONITA through the ITAP Canvas site for Department Contacts. Please contact ITAP at or 573-884-1762 with any questions.

When testing must be done in a limited time frame, ITAP will work with academic departments to accomodate their needs. 


Assessment results are given as a proficiency level from one to four.  To find out more about the responsibilities an ITA can take on with their current communication skills, please see the Assessment result levels.


A candidate who does not receive the assessment results needed to accept a teaching appointment may not work in that teaching appointment and must wait one academic year before being reassessed.  However, because language skills improve faster through consistent effort, students who enroll in a language-development course at Mizzou, complete an individual plan of study or take an off-campus course can be reassessed at the end of the semester in which the language-improvement work is completed.

Assessment Alternatives

A TOEFL iBT speaking score of 28 or higher or an IELTS speaking score of 8.5 or higher can be substituted for a level 4 language assessment. The hiring department needs to contact ITAP concerning the student to be exempted and ITAP will confirm their scores through Myzou.  Please note: this is an exemption of the language assessment only, it does not exempt an incoming ITA from participating in the required orientation and early feedback program.

Students with a level 3 language assessment and two semesters of excellent student end-of-semester, may apply for the “Alternative Path to a Level 4.”  To learn more about this program or to apply,  please see the Alternative Path Application Form.

For international graduate students