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International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP)


The International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP) is responsible for ensuring, through education, assistance and assessment, that all teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate instructors and postdoctoral fellows who are non-native speakers of English communicate effectively and appropriately in the classroom as required by state law and university policy.


ITAP offers many services to assess and develop communication and provide cultural development as a basis for a rewarding and enriching experience in the classroom. These include:


ITAP's Conversation and Resource Exploration Series (CARES) program provides students with interactive presentations to help international graduate students succeed as students and professionals. The workshops and roundtables given through the ITAP CARES program are free, but register early to reserve your spot.

To receive updates about workshops and to enroll, join the ITAP CARES Blackboard organization.

Any questions? Please contact the ITAP program at