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Grant & Academic Writing Skills

You know that scholarly writing skills are critical to graduate students success. But did you also know that the ability to write in a clear and compelling manner is a skill in high demand by employers across job sectors? 

We classify the ability to write at a professional level as a transferable skill because graduate students should be able to apply their writing skills in any career and in any job sector.  

What if writing at a scholarly level is a challenge for you? 

Great News! The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce that a number of campus offices now offer writing support services to graduate students. This section is designed to help you locate those resources -- and more!

A bit of advice...

Writer's block, procrastination, and lack of confidence plague all writers. Multiple strategies exist for overcoming writing challenges. We've listed several resources in this section. Try out a few and ultimately, you will figure out what works best for you.

Please don't isolate your self and get frustrated! Talk with your mentor(s). Join a writing accountability group. Pick up a writer's handbook.  

And return to this section from time to time, as we are developing more programs to help meet your writing needs. 

One more thing...

We have some terrific resources in a Blackboard Organization called Grad Scholar. Examples: writing resources for abstracts, outlines, literature reviews, theses/dissertations, journal articles, scholarly presentations/posters and teaching the public about research findings. Here's how to find Grad Scholar.