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Graduate Student Progress System

Since 2006, the Graduate School has required that all graduate students file annual reports on their academic performance, degree program milestones and related achievements in scholarship, research and creative work.

Students use the Graduate Student Progress System (GSPS) to document their progress toward degree completion. Faculty mentors (advisers) are required to review their advisees' annual reports to assess  satisfactory progress toward degree completion. The director of graduate studies and/or department chair may also review student progress.

Each division/area/department degree program must inform all students of the annual progress reporting requirement. This includes printed, published or electronic materials provided to graduate students.

Satisfactory progress

The definition of “satisfactory progress” and procedures for verifying satisfactory progress may vary among departments and programs. Each department/program should have a written definition on file in the Graduate School, and this policy should be communicated to graduate students during the first semester.


Department chairs and directors of graduate study (or official designees) may request a GSPS overview workshop for students and/or faculty members. Please contact to arrange a GSPS workshop.