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Annual Review of Graduate Student Progress

The Graduate School requires all master's, education specialist and doctoral students to submit an annual report of academic progress.

The Graduate Student Progress System (GSPS) is a Web-based reporting system through which students document their progress toward degree completion. All graduate students are required to submit annual progress reports by establishing or updating a GSPS record. Faculty members use the GSPS to review students' annual reports, assess their progress and provide feedback.

At a minimum, the Graduate School requires students to report on academic progress, completion of required forms, awards and honors, conferences, presentations, publications, service activities, creative activities, funding activities, employment and job placement. Academic program faculty or administrators may require additional indicators of performance or achievement to accommodate the needs of their programs. Students must complete GSPS sections as required by both the Graduate School and each academic program.

Satisfactory progress

The definition of satisfactory progress and procedures for verifying satisfactory progress may vary among departments and programs. Each department/program should have a written definition on file in the Graduate School.