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Master's Graduation Requirements

Minimum degree requirements

The following is a list of campus-wide minimum degree requirements. Your academic program may have additional requirements.

  • A student's program must include a minimum of 30 hours of graduate credit beyond the bachelor's degree (or its equivalent).
  • 15 hours of the 30-hour minimum must be selected from courses at the 8000 or 9000 level.
  • No more than 40 percent of the 30-hour credit requirement can be satisfied by a combination of special investigations, research, readings and/or problems courses.
  • The student's GPA must be 3.0 or greater.

Time limit for degree completion

The program for the master’s degree must be completed within eight years from the first semester in which the student is enrolled in a degree program. Individual academic programs may stipulate a shorter time period.

Time spent in the armed services will not count toward the eight-year limit. Consult Mizzou's Active Duty Policy.

Time limit extension

For any extension of this time limit, the student must petition the Graduate School by submitting a request to the adviser, who must submit a written recommendation to the Graduate School that is endorsed by the academic program’s director of graduate studies. The Graduate School will notify the adviser in writing of the final decision.

Please contact the Graduate School for additional required information.

Credit transfer

A maximum of 20 percent of the number of credit hours required for a student's degree may be graduate credits transferred from another regionally accredited institution, including another campus of the University of Missouri system. Credit transfer must be recommended by the student’s adviser and approved by the academic program’s director of graduate studies and the Graduate School.

The Graduate School must make the final review of the transfer request to determine if the credit meets the minimum guidelines. If so, the Graduate School will process the request so that the transferred courses appear on the student's transcript.

How to proceed

  • The request for transfer credit must first be approved by the student's adviser and director of graduate studies.
  • The student must submit his/her plan of study or course substitution form to add the transferred courses to the plan of study, along with an unopened, official transfer transcript if one is not currently on file with the Graduate School.
  • The Graduate School will review the request to determine whether minimum requirements have been met. If approved, the Graduate School will process the request so that the transferred courses appear on the MU student record.

Minimum requirements

  • Transfer course work must still be less than eight years old by the time the master's degree is conferred.
  • The transfer course work must have been taken for graduate credit and be clearly marked as such on the transfer transcript, complete with credit hours and a grade.
  • The transfer course work must be limited to no more than 20 percent of the total course work on the student's plan of study form.
  • The transfer course work must be from a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. or an overseas institution that is recognized by its country's Ministry of Education as a graduate-degree-granting institution.

Use of professional credit 

With program approval, up to 6 hours of credit for which professional credit was earned may be applied to the total minimum number of hours required for a masters degree.