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Working paw and hand

Kathleen Kelsey researches, trains and volunteers with detection dogs

two dogs in front of a group of search and rescue workers

Story by Kelsey Allen | Photo by Kathleen Kelsey

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Kathleen Kelsey answered the call for assistance and helped load more than 100,000 pounds of equipment into tractor-trailers bound for the East Coast. As a volunteer canine handler with the federal search-and-rescue team Missouri Task Force 1, Kelsey, deployed on Oct. 30, 2012, for Nassau County in Long Island, N.Y., with 79 other personnel and her partner, Chico. Although Kelsey could sense the upcoming stress and the danger, Chico was calm, sitting next to her on the motor coach, begging for a scratch. An American bulldog, the rescue dog was ready to get to work.

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